Beautiful Lighting (on a budget)

Hi guys (or y’all, to those of you in the South),

So I’m trying to do blog posts more often and keep them shorter, since I know you all get bored after a couple of sentences.  Or at least that’s what I hear from expert bloggers.  You like bite-sized pieces like M&Ms rather than a Hershey bar, which will melt in your pocket if you break it in squares to save for later.  So here goes.  Even though I have tons of things to tell you, I’ll save them for later posts and give you just a handful of M&Ms for now.  Then when you finish them you’ll come back for more, except you won’t be able to figure out how to follow this blog anyway.  The “follow” buttons are hidden because WordPress only wants the most dedicated of you to come back for more.

(Has anyone found the “how to follow me on instagram/facebook/this blog” buttons?  Is there any way to put them on the front page?)

Uh-oh, I already used up half my words.   You have eaten two of your M&Ms and are noticing that the rest are starting to melt in your hand.  You want quick info about budget light fixtures and are losing interest quickly.  I’ll try to make this engaging, informational, entertaining, and incredibly short.  You’re welcome.

Now I forgot what we were talking about.

Oh yeah.  My last post was about how we were going to use my $50 side table from Tuesday Morning and make it into a light fixture for our master bedroom, so it would look like the $550 one Pottery Barn has.  See here for more about that.  We went to our favorite building-supply store, ReStore, to find a crappy chandelier to spray paint and hang inside the table.  Which would’ve been cool.

But it turned out that the crappy chandelier we bought for $40 was actually awesome, so we spray painted it and used it all by itself.  The only losers ended up being our kids, who were disappointed when they found out that they wouldn’t get to keep thousands of crystals to string around their rooms like Pollyanna.

So here it is, y’all (or “you guys”, if you do not live in the South):


Oh yeah, keep in mind our room is a mess, as it’s the storage place for the bathroom construction materials and other assorted items that have yet to find homes.

Pretty fancy:


And here it is with a little more of our room in view, which I’m showing you just so you don’t feel bad about your messy house (this was taken before my husband secured the cap piece):


We are working hard to finish the bathroom so we can get the cleaning products out of our bedroom, and so we’ll be able to get to the bed in order to make it.  Do you see that green thing in the lower left corner of the picture?  That’s an upside-down cast-iron bathtub.  Just thought you’d like to know that in case you thought it was difficult to get to your bed.

Here’s a teeny sneak peek of materials for the master bath:


That’s onyx and marble, plus ceramic gray tiles.

Oh, and we have some really big and exciting news that I can’t wait to share!  That’ll unfold in future blog posts.  But for now, all the construction and big news are making me want to join kitty Lucy and do this:


Have a great weekend!!




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