Update on Us (don’t miss this).

Hey Y’all.  The winds of change are a-blowin’!  This is an exciting time for us but also a busy one, and I thought I’d do a blog post ahead of time so you don’t wonder where we went when our website is down for a few days.

There are lots of things I’d love to share with you and I always try to make blog posts fun and funny and entertaining, full of really good pictures that aren’t even possible from my really crappy phone.  It’s also hard to know my audience, since we switched over a year ago from a personal blog called Land of Binks about God and family and life (and fun diy design projects) to a blog that goes along with our real estate and design business.  So I tend to try and keep it fun and funny and design-y and entertaining for those of you who could stand to be entertained every now and then.  And also professional to those of you who assume we must not know what we’re doing when you see how young we look (not knowing that we’re actually closer to 40 than 30 and that our oldest child is adult-sized and no, we didn’t have him when we were teenagers).

So I tend to keep this blog at arm’s length, wanting to keep it professional and non-personal, whatever that means when you’re a mostly-self-taught designer, homeschooler, mom, wife, Christ-follower, Realtor, DIYer, home-renovator, and person who really likes coffee and breaks and hanging out with her hubby.  So while my innate tendency is to want to steal away to my own little happy place (hanging out at home, drinking coffee, being alone, drinking coffee, hanging out with Hubs, doing home projects, drinking coffee, shopping estate sales for one-of-a-kind treasures while holding coffee, etc), that is not what the Lord is calling me to at the moment.  Funny how that works, huh?

So here’s the deal.  Instead of being in my happy place all the time, this is what’s going on:  (I’ll even put little numbers by each thing so it looks neater).

  1. We’re about to be featured in a national media outlet.  We’re super excited about that, but we’re also in the middle of tons of projects to get our home ready.
  2. We’re completely renovating our blog and our services.  Soon, the website will be down for a few days and then come back with a new look and capabilities.
  3. We’re now offering full-service design instead of just consultations.  Personally, consultations are my favorite because I love to teach people how to make their house look amazing on a really small budget.  But I live in Franklin, TN, which is one of the most upscale cities anywhere.  The clientele here (in general) doesn’t want to know how they can do a lot of legwork in order to make it cheap. They want it designed beautifully for them, so when they come home, they can put their feet up (and I don’t blame them).  That means clients will pay by the hour for our work instead of us using a consultation to teach them how to do it themselves.
  4. For those of you like me who still want to know how to do-it-yourself for cheap, we’ll offer options on the blog– free tips and tricks, plus possibly some paid options for in-depth training on certain subjects.  This new blog will make it so we can send special things to email subscribers and even sell really cool stuff we find while scouring cool places in the Tennessee countryside.  It’ll only be stuff we decorate with in our own home, (or would if we had the space).  So if you’re wanting to get some of our timeless (authentic) farmhouse look, you may just find something you love.
  5. And for those of you who don’t live in the Nashville area, (and those of you who do but just have a few questions), we’re going to be offering e-consultations.  This is a more bite-sized consultation than we used to have.  Instead of us spending an hour or two discussing all that you can do with your room, it’s a chance for you to ask a few questions in order to help you finish your space.  It’s for people who want to do it themselves, but who want guidance on certain things in order to get it right the first time.
  6. And last, I’m going to have to say this.  I really, really want to help all of you who want design advice. For free.  I want to answer your questions/texts/emails and look at your pictures and tell you how to make it cool for cheaper than you knew possible.  I want to apply for designer discounts at every place you could possibly want to shop and then take you shopping there so you can save some money.  I want to show you what to do to sell your house for a lot more money than you were going to.  Seriously, I do.  I want to teach you what not to waste your money on and how to make your room enjoyable to everyone.  I want to tell you what length your curtains should be and what kinds of decor items are about to be dated.  But I need to say this: I have a family; I’m homeschooling my kids; I’m doing laundry and dishes; I’m renovating my home; I’m helping real estate clients; I’m helping paying design clients; I’m having a date with my husband; I’m putting my phone down so I can be present with my family.  So please understand.  I really want to but I can’t work for free.  Design help is a luxury item and is not for everyone.  I personally think it’s incredibly valuable and will pay for itself either literally by not making mistakes or overpaying for something, or in value to your family that can’t be measured.  So please.  Contact us for design help if you’re planning to invest in it, and if you’re not, follow along on the blog to find out how to DIY it. Both ways are good.  I’m just out of free time, which is all the time I have to do free/reduced work.  But I love you all, and if we ever become rich enough that I have time to work for free, I would be happy to reinstate that.  You can help us make it free by hiring us as your Realtors to buy/sell really expensive properties, FYI.  Just a thought. 🙂

Our website will be down for a few days soon, and then the new one will be here, but it’ll be in progress for awhile as we get professional portfolio photos.  So hang in there, and try not to judge me based on the quality of my phone pictures.

It’ll be a lot easier to follow the blog, and follow us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter once our new website is up.  We’ll also add Pinterest, which I’ve been avoiding for years, since it’s a thoroughly lovely time-suck.  We could use your help spreading the word about our new blog once it’s out!  And if you’re on Instagram and aren’t following us yet,  you can do that now (thanks!).  Just click here: Holly’s instagram and then go to Follow!

Thanks, guys!  We’ll see you again soon on the new blog!







2 thoughts on “Update on Us (don’t miss this).

  1. I’m so happy for you Holly! It’s going to be amazing! I pray that the Lord helps you to find balance and keep His priorities in this new adventure. I know you love Him wholeheartedly, so I trust that you will be hungering for His will and His way in the process. I’m excited to see what He does! You guys are wonderful people.


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