About Us

Thompson family

We are David and Holly Thompson: a husband-and-wife real estate/design/DIY team.  We love design, construction, and real estate … anything home-related, actually.  We’d be honored to “do” life with you–grab some coffee and join us!  I’m Holly, primary designer and blogger; Dave heads up all of our construction projects.

For those of you interested in how our joint creative venture began, Dave and I met at the University of Washington in Seattle. He was about to receive his Doctor of Pharmacy, and I had almost completed my Communications degree. Soon we were married and, while I was attending design school, expecting our first child. Seemed like the perfect time to purchase a home!

Shortly after buying a 1925 bungalow in Spokane, WA, we became homesick for Seattle. We desperately wanted to move back, but the housing market had just crashed, and our home needed major improvements to be sellable. Cash flow was low, so we were forced to get creative. Putting our heads together, we fixed up the house ourselves, increasing its value enough to pay off our loan as well as all Realtor fees!

With money left over, we put a down payment on a home in Seattle. Fast forward a few years later, the housing market still struggling, we again invested sweat equity into selling this home for considerably more than we had paid.

Upon moving to Franklin, TN in 2012, we tried our hand at new construction. Reasoning that it would be a treat not to be tirelessly renovating a house, we actually missed the character of older homes and our design/construction projects. So, we made a few career changes in order to pursue our first love full-time.

I began to sell handmade pillows at a local shop, and Dave sat for his real estate license. We put our “signature” on the new home and sold it for a large profit in favor of a cosmetic fixer nearby.

And that’s how Holly Thompson Homes was born. I also received my real estate license, and we began helping others redesign their homes– either to sell for as much money as possible or to enjoy for the years to come.

Follow our blog as we share tips and inspiration for making your house into a home you love! We’re thrilled you’re here!

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